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Ruben Arango


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About Us:

We are an emerging company in the oil industry, with the accumulated experience of over eight years in the field.  Our goal is to reach and exceed the competitive edge over existing companies in today’s market.

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Company Profile

we are a company that buys and sell crude oils and all its byproducts.  We seek to meet the needs of our customers by offering great quality products obtained from the best possible sources while maintaining the highest standard of integrity, consultancy and service.

Our main goal is to create long term strategic alliances that are reliable, cost effective and professional always maintaining strong relationships built on support and trust with our suppliers and customers.


Our vision is to be the leader in oil marketing and derivatives highlighted by performing an impeccable job fulfilling our social responsibilities and supplying our customers.


Our primary responsibility is to provide our customers with superior care that meets all their needs.

To achieve this, we have different communication channels one on one , competitive prices, and efficient service when processing orders. We have a capable core foundation upon which to build an excellent working environment in which each member is recognized as an individual with capabilities and needs, in which everyone receives fair treatment  and motivation to make this company the premier in development while utilizing the latest technologies and analyses to ensure sustainable growth.

We enter a new and challenging era of increased needs and responsibilities. It is our duty as part of the larger community to ensure that we promote the welfare of both the people and our environment. A strong social ethic is the heart of our business code. Nothing less will be tolerated as people become aware and better educated about the delicate balances between nature and societal pressures. This begins with our own practices among our employees, and we are dedicated to keep abreast of all related findings and suggestions with which we are constantly being fed by industrial experts and the media. Honesty, hard work, and openness are the hallmarks of this fledgling company. It is the only way to succeed in the business world of the 21st century.  their care and contribute to the development by promoting projects and activities aimed at promoting socio-economic growth and environmental awareness. Promote ethics in business is vital, starting from the worker to the partners of the company, with working hours and fees commensurate with honesty in information management and in achieving success in the business, with our buyers reflecting commitment, seriousness and fulfillment at the end of the work. Finally, it is very important to us that our suppliers and distributors to benefit from the activities of the company as well as its shareholders, as well as research, innovation, reinvestment and proper management of resources will be part of our work policies.